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Our Mission

We exist to help startups incorporate AI both easily and effectively.

Hiring AI talent is broken

Sourcing new data scientists and software engineers is a difficult and lengthy process. It also comes with huge risks -- if a hire doesn’t work out, you’re left without cash or time. As a startup, flexibility is everything

Abelian AI offers an entire team at your disposal. Instead of risking your burn, you can work with Abelian AI to build full MVPs or take on new data initiatives. We get paid for deliverables, not hours.


Our Process

We are simple, efficient, and willing to help you every step of the way. Shoot us a quick email, and we can start outlining exactly what we can do for you.

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    Upfront Spec

    We’ll write detailed proposals outlining the AI products we can build for you. These specs give you a window into our development process and promote a shared understanding of the end product.

  2. 2


    As soon as your team green lights our proposed projects, we can quickly start development on deliverables with aggressive timelines. Most of our projects are done in under a month.

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    We’re compensated using deliverable-based payments. This way, we’re incentivized to delivery the best product to you the quickest. You only pay for results, not hours.

We build AI-powered products

Abelian is a consultancy that builds full-stack, machine learning powered products for startups. These include Minimum Viable Products, plug-and-play machine learning algorithms, and predictive industry analytic reports.

Data Analysis Pipelines

Computer Vision Algorithms

Recommendation Systems

Demand Forecasting

Web Scrapers

Natural Language Processing

Backend Infrastructures

Optimized Pricing Models

Cross-Platform Applications

Abelian is Perfect for Early Startups

Compared to hiring another full time engineer or a traditional consultant, we are...


You’re getting multiple highly-skilled engineers  all working together on your project. We've previously worked on very aggressive timelines.


A good full-time engineer will cost at least 150k/yr to provide the same services. A capable data scientist will cost more.


All hired talent have worked for top institutions and companies such as CSAIL, Google, and Deloitte on state-of-the-art ML systems.


We build you an MVP or a critical initiative. Don’t need us after that? We bow out. Another tech project pops up? We’re there for you.

  • "Working with Abelian has been a pleasure. They're smart, responsive, and adaptable. They built Hideout a well-designed system in a few weeks."
    CEO, Hideout (YCombinator '20)

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